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Chariot Requiem or Silver Chariot Requiem - Stand of Jean Pierre Polnareff from Golden Wind. (Chariot Requiem technically doesn't have a stand user but ehh, i guess its 50/50)

Chariot Requiem has two main ability's which is Soul Manipulation which can manipulate the souls of living beings, including humans, animals, and insects and Grand Scale Soul Swapping, which Chariot Requiem puts every living being in a large area (at least the entirety of Rome) around it into a forceful sleep.

(Technically, Soul Manipulation is he main ability but for the sake of the time I am writing this, and Chariot Requiem not being released anytime soon I'll just give this stand two main abilities until the Requiem Update releases)

This stand has not been released yet.

(Note from Editor of this page: KQ: Bites The Dust when?)