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Crazy Diamond - Stand of Josuke Higashikata from Diamond is Unbreakable. It's ability is to heal and fix things. (Or in detail, returning objects or people back to their original states) You can get it by using Stand Arrow on Standless. It's rarity in Stand Arrow Pool is currently unknown.


Crazy Diamond is a male humanoid stand with pink skin and blue eyes. It's body is covered in shining tuna-blue armor. Front of it's head is almost entirely covered by armor, showing just it's lips and cheek with a heart on it. Instead of ears, it has spikes. It's helmet and armlets are heart-shaped. Each armlet has two big grey spikes coming out of it It's upper chest is covered in armor, with a big heart in front of it, and there are six tubes coming out of it's back connected to it's head and shoulders. Crazy Diamond has four grey stripes on it's arms and legs, each with grey heart on it. Eeach leg has a big cylinder on it, and they are mostly covered with armor, including the boots with grey dots.


I'll just have to beat you up.

This is just great!

What did you say!?


Button Name Description Damage Cooldown
Stand Summon/Unsummon
Crazy Diamond appears behind it's user. If Crazy Diamond is already summoned it will disappear.
2 seconds
Triple Punch
Crazy Diamond punches ones per mouse click, third click makes him kick the enemy and ragdoll them.
10 per punch, 15 for kick
5 seconds
Crazy Diamond barrages the target. Maximum barrage time is 5 seconds.
2.2 damage per hit, 130 in total
2 seconds
Heavy Punch Combo
Crazy Diamond throws a Cross and then an Uppercut, ragdolling the enemy and dealing knockback.
25 for first hit, 35 for second
5 seconds
Sliding Kick Combo
Crazy Diamond kicks enemy in the stomach, after which it kicks him again in the head. Ragdolls and does knockback.
30 for fist kick, 40 for second
7.5 seconds
Bullet Flick
Crazy Diamond flicks a bullet, penetrating the opponent, and causes them to bleed.
30 for hit, 5 from bleeding
12.5 seconds
Backfist Shove
Crazy Diamond pushes the enemy in an outward motion, and then proceeds to punch the enemy.
20 for shove, 40 for punch.
12 seconds
Restoration Mode
Crazy Diamond begins to glow and enters Restoration Mode switching it's moveset. Pressing V again will exit Restoration Mode.
E (Restoration Mode)
Restoring Barrage
Crazy Diamond barrages target.
2.21 HP healed per hit, 135 in total
2 seconds
R (Restoration Mode)
Restoring Punch
Crazy Diamond throws out a healing Cross and an Uppercut.
25 HP healed for first punch, 35 for second
5 seconds
T (Restoration Mode)
Wall Creation
Crazy Diamond punches the ground and creates a wall in front of it lasting for 4 seconds. The wall breaks all projectiles that it touches.
20 damage per second spend in the wall
10 seconds
Y (Restoration Mode)
Heart Missile
Crazy Diamond throws out a left hook, ragdolling the enemy. A heart shaped pin is then shot out, hitting the enemy. Deals bleeding damage.
35 from punch, 35 from bottle hit, 5 from bleeding
12 seconds
F (Restoration Mode)
Rock Restoration
Crazy Diamond punches ground in front of enemy and creates a rock around them, immobilizing them for 4 seconds.
60 damage
17 seconds




  • R + LMB (3 times) + T + V (mode switch) + Y + F + V + E: Medium
  • Y + R + LMB (3 times) + T: Medium
  • R + T + V (mode switch) + Y + F: Easy
  • (Restoration Mode): F + Y + V (mode switch) + R + T: Medium
  • LMB (3 times) + R + T + V (mode switch) + Y + V (mode switch) + LMB (3 times) + R + T: Medium
  • LMB (3 times) + R + T + F + V (mode switch) + Y + V (mode switch) + LMB (3 times) + R: Medium
  • (Restoration Mode): F+V (mode switch) + T + R + V (mode switch) + Y: Medium