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Cream - Stand of Vanilla Ice from Stardust Crusaders. It's ability is to erase space by teleporting it into dimension of nothingness. Cream can be obtained by using Stand Arrow on Standless with unknown chance (Stand Arrow Pool is disabled untill Requiem Update). A pretty low damage stand in general.


Cream is a big humanoid stand with white skin, black clothing, yellow capsule-like eyes and huge mouth with claws leading to it's dimension of nothingness. It has black thin stripes on it's arms and bands on it's knees and ells with gray spikes on arm ones and purple hearts on knee ones. It has pants, gloves with purple hearts and gray dots and boots, all black. On it's head there is a hood big enough to cover it whole and Cream's shoulders, it also has gray-purple symbols on it's shoulders and forehead resembeling an arrowhead. It also has two dark gray antlers coming out from it's head.


Nothing can stop Cream!

Turn around, and you die.

You are powerless before the great Vanilla Ice.


Button Name Description Damage Cooldown
Stand Summon/Unsummon
Cream appears behind it's user. If it's already summoned it will disappear.
2 seconds
Triple Punch
Cream punches enemy 3 times for each hit, 3rd punch being ragdolling one.
10 first two hits each, 15 third
5 seconds
Cream chops the target from above ragdolling it. If the attack will kill the enemy, blood will thrust out of their neck.
5 seconds
Ground Smash
Cream smashes the ground with it's hands ragdolling close enemies. If pressing R again, Cream will follow with another smash.
8 seconds
Erasing Jump
Cream absorbs it's user, covers itself with space erasing field and jumps forward for half a second.
12.5 per hit (buggy)
12.5 seconds
Furious Kicks
The user pushes the target on the ground and kicks it 6 times, the last one pushes the target forward.
7.5 push and first five kicks each, 20 last one
12.5 seconds
Arm Breaker
Cream grabs enemy's arm and chops it 4 times, ragdolling it.
10 first three hits each, 20 third
15 seconds
Vampiric Jump
The takes a few quick steps forward and jumps high forward, and then dives into the ground.
12.5 seconds
Erasing Dash
Cream absorbs it's user, covers itself with space erasing field and dashes straight forward for half a second. If the move will kill the enemy, the enemy will have just it's arms left.

(also can use V+E\R\F (F - spiral, E - zig zag's, R - erase from floor))

12.5 per hit (buggy)
15 seconds




  • Cream is so far the biggest stand in ABW:R
  • Entire body except for arms disappearing after killing someone with V or T moves is an reference to Avdol's death; He pushed away his comrades to save them from death, casuing Cream to erase his entire body except for his arms in one dash.
  • Cream was added into the game alongside with Whitesnake and Diver Down in Content Update #2


  • E + R + F + Y + (V + E): Easy
  • E + LMB (3 times) + R + Y + F: Easy