A Bizarre World: Rewritten Wiki

Dio Vampirism - Spec based onDio Brando from Phantom Blood. His abilities include immense strength, life leeching, and freezing.


Dio Vampirism looks like the player's default Roblox avatar, but skins can add a cloak and outfit.


Where did you get such an ego? I'll slice you up and feed you to my zombies!

Let's take out the small fries first.

Think you can beat the great Dio?!


Button Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB 4 Punch Approach Dio takes steps forward while unleashing 2 hooks, then a kick, finished with an uppercut. Uppercut stuns. 7.5 for the first 2 hooks, 10 for the kick, 15 for uppercut 4 seconds
E Ground Slam Dio grabs the person in front of him and slams them into the ground. Stuns. 35 4 seconds
R Kick Dio kicks at head height, dealing high knockback and stunning. Capable of hitting stunned players. 37.5 5 seconds
T Space Ripper Stingy Eyes Dio fires high velocity lasers from his eyes at a good distance, stunning. Can be charged for extra damage. 30-50, depending on charge duration 7.5 seconds
Y Sprint Assult Dio charges forward for a second, then punches for decent knockback and a stun. 37.5 7.5 seconds
F Special Technique Dio grabs and freezes his victim before shattering the ice and flinging them far. Short stun, high knockback. 17.5 on grab, 30 on shatter, ~15 over time afterwards 12 seconds
H Blood Suck Dio grabs his victim, stealing some of their life, and then throws them a short distance. 30 initially, ~17.5 over time 8 seconds
Z Sprint Dio runs faster than normal for about 2.5 seconds. The lower your health is, the slower the sprint. None 15 seconds