A Bizarre World: Rewritten Wiki

Diver Down - Stand of Narciso Anasui from Stone Ocean. It's ability is to store sorts of energy in place it punched or modify structure of things it dove into. It can be obtained by using Stand Arrow on Standless with unknown chance (Stand Arrow Pool is disabled until the Requiem Update). This Stand has been nerfed as for the 3rd update.


Diver Down is humanoid stand with cyan skin with yellow stripes on it's torso, legs and arms. It has various purple D letters on it's body and cyan helmet covering it's entire head with gray antenna on top. The helmet is connected by two dark blue pipes from the stand's mouth to scuba diving set including two small gray scuba tanks. It has also gray gloves and yellow boots.


I dove into your body itself

I'm afraid you must die...

I'm gonna destroy you!

Move set

Button Name Description Damage Cooldown
Stand Summon/Unsummon
Diver Down appears behind it's user. If it's already summoned it will disappear.
2 seconds
E (Stand Off)
Shin Kick
The user kicks enemy in legs.
5 seconds
R (Stand Off)
Reverse Kick
The user makes a turn and kicks enemy in chest, ragdolling him.
5 seconds
T (Stand Off)
The user chokes enemy and tosses them on the ground.
8 seconds
F (Stand Off)
Stomp Grab
The user grabs enemy, hits him in the head from above ragdolling him and stomping on him 3 times sending him back.
50 in total
10 seconds

Z (Stand Off)

Run Player runs for 3 seconds. None 15 seconds
Burst Barrage
Diver Down punches enemy fast several times before dealing a ragdolling heavy punch.
14 from barrage in total, 28 from heavy punch
6.5 seconds
Straight Punch
Diver Down punches enemy in torso really hard causing bleeding and ragdolling.
40 after punch, 5 from bleeding
6 seconds
Diver Down punches enemy in head.
9 seconds
Energy Store
Diver Down stomps on the ground, ragdolling the enemy. Holding Y for longer time durning second stomp will deal bonus damage, depending on the time the user held Y.
20 from stomp, 35-50 from energy charge
10-11 seconds
Body Dive
Diver Down dives into enemy's body for 3.5 seconds. Only Body Dive moveset can be used until Diver Down exits the body and reappears behind it's user. If a Body Dive move is used, the user can use Stand Off moves until Diver Down reappears. You can only use one move every time Diver Down enters an enemy.
61 if E is used, 40 for R, and 90 for F
15 seconds
E (Body Dive)
Organ Punch
Diver Down barrages enemy from inside.
61 in total
R (Body Dive)
Head Kick
Diver Down comes out from enemy's back and punches him in the head ragdolling him.
F (Body Dive)
Spring Bone Restructure
Diver Down makes enemy's bones behave like springs and exits it. The enemy will jump randomly for a few seconds.
80-90 in total
Player rolls
4 seconds
Diver Down glides across the ground with it's user holding it for around 2 seconds.
8 seconds
Tandem Mode
The user enables Tandem Mode, if already enabled user exits it.
R (Tandem Mode)
Dash Tandem Kick
The user slides and Diver Down kicks enemy causing him to ragdolling.
40 from kick
8 seconds
T (Tandem Mode)
Ribcage Grab Slam
The user grabs enemy and punches him, when Diver Down jumps into target's body, after which it pulls enemy's ribs out of their back, ragdolling him.
20 from punch, 20 from rib pull
8 seconds
Y (Tandem Mode)
Arm Trap Glide
Diver Down glides towards the target, on hit Diver Down grabs his legs from the ground immobilizing him for around 4 seconds. Moves are: Shin Kick, Reverse Kick, Choke, and Stomp Grab.
10 seconds




V(for tandem mode):

Y + E + R + T(in that order) + R + E(do this as fast a possible or the enemy might ragdoll you) + T(this is an infinite combo): Hard to Medium

R + E + LMB(all 3 times) + Y + R + E + T(in that order as fast as you can) + T: Medium