A Bizarre World: Rewritten Wiki

Emperor - Stand of Hol Horse from Stardust Crusaders. It is a revolver with seeking bullets. Emperor can be gained by using Stand Arrow on Standless with 33% chance (stand arrow pool is disabled untill Requiem Update).


Emperor looks to be a bulky silver revolver with a purple core above the handle. Its cylinder appears to hold 8 bullets, although it never needs to be reloaded.


We're the unbeatable duo!

What's this?

The gun is mightier than the sword!

Strategy and Notes

Brick is very effective at starting combos due to its incredibly long stun duration.

The Hanged Man is very effective when followed by Glass Shower, as Glass Shower is hard to land normally.

Emperor will always fire perfectly horizontally if the user is in shift-lock view or in first person.

All of Emperor's bullet attacks will ricochet on contact with a non damageable surface.


Button Name Description Damage Cooldown
Q Stand Summon/Unsummon Emperor will appear in the user's hand. If Emperor is already out, it vanishes instead. None 1 second
LMB Shoot Emperor fires a bullet forward. If the bullet hits a player, it will curve back through them for more damage. 12.5 damage in, 12.5 damage out 1.1 seconds
E Auto Aim Emperor fires a bullet in the sky, which finds and hits the nearest enemy. 12.5 damage 5 seconds
R Glass Shower The user throws a bottle in the air, proceeding to fire it with Emperor. Glass shards rain upon the victim. Can be charged for more range. Up to ~40 damage 6 seconds
T Hanged Man The Hanged Man appears in a distant puddle beneath the enemy, stabbing and stunning them. Charging the move makes the puddle appear further from you. 25 damage initially, ~10 damage over time 7 seconds
Y Rapid Fire Emperor unloads 6 bullets in quick succession. Last bullet stuns. 12.5 damage per bullet 10 seconds
F Hanged Man Super Emperor fires a normal bullet. If it hits, The Hanged Man will then appear beneath them for a stunning blow. 12.5 for the bullet, 40 for The Hanged Man, ~10 damage over time afterwards 15 seconds
V Slow Bullet Emperor fires a normal bullet. If it hits, Emperor fires a far slower bullet for higher damage. After a second and a half, the slow bullet will increase drastically in speed towards the target the first bullet hit. 12.5 damage for first bullet, 30 damage for second 10 seconds
Z Frantic Sprint User runs at high speed. The lower your health, the slower the sprint is. None 15 seconds
LMB (Emperor Stashed) Double Kick User does a weak kick with their right leg, then a stronger, stunning one with their left. 5 for first kick, 7.5 for second 4 seconds
E (Emperor Stashed) Quick Kick User kicks an enemy in the chest. 25 damage 5 seconds
R (Emperor Stashed) Heavy Kick User kicks an enemy in the crouch, dealing low knockback and stunning. 25 damage 5 seconds
T (Emperor Stashed) Brick User pulls out a brick, slamming the enemy with it. Very long stun duration. 25 damage 6 seconds
F (Emperor Stashed) Slide User slides across the ground, kicking the enemy. Good knockback and stun. 30 damage 6 seconds