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Enigma - Stand of Terunosuke Miyamoto featured in Diamond is Unbreakable. It has the ability to capture objects and people into sheets of paper through visible symptoms of their fear. Enigma can be gained when using Stand Arrow on Standless with unknown chance (Stand Arrow Pool is disabled until Requiem Update).


Enigma is a purple humanoid stand with blue capsule eyes. There are some pink curved lines on it's body, especially head and limbs. It's kneepads are in shape of a heart.


I'm having such fun with the attention you're giving me.

I can make various things into paper and file them away, and it's extremely useful.

My stand, Enigma, observes.


Button Name Description Damage Cooldown
PASSIVE Fear Using either of 2 moves (Z or Y), the user is able to generate a fear bar. Damaging the opponent fills up the fear bar, when it is full you will unlock three new moves, Q, H, and V. Other Enigma users cannot be affected by this.
Triple Kicks
3 kicks, each kick lunges forward a bit.
5 first, 5.5 second, 10 third
4 seconds
Flamethrower Paper
Launch fire at the enemy through a paper.
5 seconds
Scorpion Paper
Cover the enemies face with paper.
7 seconds
Shoot a gun and then throw said gun, which ragdolls hit enemy. Can be used during the paper airplane.
30 from bullet, 10 from throw
7 seconds
Bowl Drop
Open up a piece of paper and drop a bowl down breaking it. Generates fear bar.
7 seconds
A big paper unfolds to literally cause a car to fly out at the opponent, if it hits they will have a red blurry vision. Do note this can hit the user too.
20 seconds
Paper Plane
User walks into a paper plane, which he can control for a few seconds. Pressing Z again will cancel the move. Folding or Unfolding near an enemy generates a fear bar.

note: when traveling down you become faster, so a good technique is dropping down once and then keep going straight to achieve high speed, because the gained downwards momentum doesn't wear off

25 seconds
Shredder Paper Throw
User throws a piece of paper at the enemy, after which another huge piece appears under the enemy. Enigma appears and pushes the enemy into the paper, after which it closes. Smaller piece pushes out an paper shredder, and the enemy comes out flying from inside of it.
~30 in total
15 seconds
Q (if fear meter is full)
Paper Seal
Trap the enemy in paper for a bit, it will show their name in the victims bar
4.5 seconds
H (when kidnapped someone)
Rip Paper
User rips the paper containing the enemy apart, forcing them out.
4,5 seconds
V (when kidnapped someone)
Stomp Paper
User stomps the paper preventing kidnapped enemies from getting outside.
~30 in total
9 seconds




  • 09.08.2021
    • Enigma added.
  • 11.08.2021
    • Hitstun added to "Flamethrower Paper" move.


  • T+R (Easy)
  • R+T+B+Q+V+F+H(in front of F move) (Requires full fear bar) (Medium Easy)
  • T+B+F (Medium Hard)


  • Enigma is the only new ability featured in Content Update 3.
  • Taxi move turned the game into fucking Carmageddon.
  • There are rumors that Enigma was made only for trolling.