A Bizarre World: Rewritten Wiki

Follow theese rules no matter what while being on this wiki:

  1. No joke pages - do not create useless / shitpost pages, therefore trashing the wiki.
  2. Don't be a dick - do not shit talk to other users, if you see someone doing that, report him please.
  3. Follow the page template - when creating a page about stand/spec, make sure to follow, for example, The World's page, so the wiki can look better. If you have any questions about editing the template, ask me on my message board.
  4. No advertising - do not advertise other stuff except for official things like Trello or Discord.
  5. No vandalism - do not vandalise anything on the wiki, it doesn't even make sense as you can fix the page through history in 30 seconds.
  6. I will decide what punishment to give in every case of rule breaking.
  7. Follow Fandom TOS.
  8. No NSFW/NSFL stuff - this kind of content is not allowed anywhere on this wiki.
  9. All media from the game must be captured by yourself - do not use any images, gifs or videos from official Trello, ABWR staff doesn't want anybody to do it. So you have to take screenshots and record videos by yourself. Use the official names for everything tho, including names of moves. Links to music are allowed too, you don't have to recreate it obviously.
  10. Make high quality pages - if you don't have time to make page with quality like TW's page just don't do it as it's going to be rewritten anyway. Better idea is to just make the page saying that you are creating it right now so no ther people would create it before you, and write the article in max few days, just saving your progress in notepad on your computer.
  11. Upcoming abilities pages - they are allowed as long as at least minimal information about the thing is in the page. The reason for it is so people can discuss about the upcoming thing in comments of the page.