A Bizarre World: Rewritten Wiki

If you haven't already, Please check out the Killer Queen page before reading this. Note: Most of the information was obtained from KQ mains, including myself.

Strategy and Playstyle

As a Killer Queen user, you should be going on full offense, don't waste time trying to use ranged moves to attack your opponent, catch them by surprise and trap them in a combo, well maybe use T1(coin yeet) at the start, and then detonate it near 'em for ragdoll, then use a combo. Killer Queen offers some useful ragdoll moves with high damage, prioritize that and trap them in an Okimeze combo, and finish em off in one combo. And don't use Sheer Heart Attack, demolition SHA can be better, as using a normal mode SHA could turn your battle into a 2v1 (which is unfair, unless you're getting teamed on).

Strengths and weaknesses


  • High damage output
  • Excellent ragdoll moves
  • Combos are hard to escape (mainly due to ragdoll)
  • Insane combo potential


  • Little to no ranged options
  • No escape options and mobility except C and Z
  • Above average startlag
  • 6/10 dfficulty to land combos (mainly because of startlag)

Countering Killer Queen

Killer queen can be quite easy to counter if the user starts. You just need to try avoiding their attacks, which should be easy enough, as most of them may try to just randomly attack how. However, if you are going against someone who knows what they're doing, you should watch out. If they trap you in an endless Okimeze, welp, you're dead. Try using high durability stands, like Star Platinum or The World. If you main them, well, good for you. If they land a bomb on you, like T1 or R1, defend against it using block. Bombs do bypass block, but ragdoll is unlikely, making it easy for you to trap them in your own combo. If you don't like using the high hp bois, you can always turn your heads over to The Emperor, 'cause, you know, the gun is mightier than the bomb! Since there are only two Killer Queen ranged attacks, you can avoid them as The Emperor and spam shoot Killer Queen Phantom Forces style.


R + E + R ("Killer Queen has slapped you.")

This combo is the most basic one. You use R, and plant a bomb on them, then utilize their ragdoll and barrage them with E, and when they are knocked away detonate the bomb. This deals a good amount of damage, and is spammable. Type: Offense

T + E + V + F + B + R ("Literal Heart Attack")

This combo is hard to pull off, but extremely powerful. It can bring a Star Platinum/The World to red health in a matter of seconds. Although this combo is usually not spammable, you should use this if you want a quick match. With this combo there is literally no way you can be stopped unless you miss your F move. Type: Offense

M1 Combo + E + V + F +B + Y + M1 Combo ("Sheer Stroke")

This combo is the strongest one I have. It brings SP/TW to the least health one combo can get them, dealing about 232 or more damage with this combo, This is VERY hard to pull off, but the only thing that can probably mess you up is fumbling and confusion. This is impossible to counter, as the endlag will be filled up with another move. Type: Offense