A Bizarre World: Rewritten Wiki

The Kars spec is based on, well, Kars, the main antagonist from Battle Tendency. Kars mainly consists of the use of Light Blade attacks. Kars can be gained by using a Stone Mask on Dio Vampirism (50% chance). Kars is recommended in PvP mode.


The default spec appears as two gauntlets on the users arms, including 3 horns on the head, the Disguised Reskin(s) has the user in Kars' disguise from Battle Tendency, and the Manga reskins depicts what he looks like in the manga.


Watch as my mode rips you in two

Victory is everything!

*Evil Laughter*, idiot.


Button Name Description Damage Cooldown
E Chop The user slams down with their right arm, dealing 35 damage. 35 damage 10 seconds
R Left hand slash The user slams down with their left arm, ragdolling the opponent for a short bit. This hits low to the ground, making it good for combos. 37.5 damage 12 seconds
T Winding Blow The user does an incredibly quick shove, ragdolling the opponent for a while. This move has the highest range out of all blade-off moves. 37.5 damage 20 seconds
F Blade-Pop Punch The user punches the opponent. Upon impact, this does 35 damage. After a short period of time, a blade pops out of them, dealing 22.5 damage. 35 from push

22.5 from second hit

15 seconds
Q Blade Mode The user activates Blade Mode, causing two bone blades to pop out of the sides of their arms None 3 seconds
(Blades)E Multi-Slash The user stabs the target five times, each stab doing 7 damage per stab. 7 per stab 15.5 seconds
(Blades)R Regenerative Drain The user quickly impales the target on their blade, ragdolling them while draining a percentage of blood and regenerating some health, before tossing them away. 2.5 damage per hit 7 seconds
(Blades)F Light Speed Blade Slashes The user focuses energy into their arm blades, which glow a brilliant white, before instantly spins around while extending their blades, slashing nearby opponents multiple times, each dealing around 0.5 per slash, the first few dealing 6. 6 for the first few hits, 0.5 damage per hit for the later ones 25 seconds
(Blades)Y Hyperspeed Stab The user prepares for a short duration, then dashes forward, leaving a white silhouette behind them. If they hit, it will ragdoll the target for a short moment while dealing 35 damage. This move is a good combo starter. 35 damage 13 seconds
(Blades)V Surprise Slash The user abruptly slashes the opponent, stunning them while slighly tripping them for half a second 30 12.5 seconds
(Blades)Z Light-speed Dash The user pauses for a moment, before dashing forwards in a flash of light. The distance will depend on whether there is a player, or an object in front of the user. If so, the distance will shorten. None 12.5 seconds



Determination - Kars EOH Theme

Manga - Just What I Needed (The Cars)

Default - Ancientry

Disguised (+ Maroon) - Constrain


(Q) R -> Y -> V -> F -> T -> E (Medium)

Q (ON) R -> V -> F -> Q -> R -> T -> Q -> Y -> R (Hard)