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Killer Queen came from Diamond is Unbreakable. This stands main ability is to place a bomb on anything it touches and explode it later. The stand can also do athletic movements and attacks aswell. This stand is considered one

Killer Queen Pose(Default)

of if not the best stands if used right by the community due to its long combos that are hard to predict, ontop of its low cooldowns


Killer Queen is a visibly muscular humanoid Stand about as tall as Kira himself, light in color overall. In both the manga and anime, it is portrayed as light pink, while in the All Star Battle video game, it is portrayed as white. Its crown is flat, while two sharp, triangular shapes resembling cat ears stand on both sides of the top of its head. Its eyes comprise cat-like vertical pupils in front of its generally light-colored sclera. It has no nose, and its thin-lipped mouth is perpetually closed. It wears dark, studded, leather-like forearm-length gloves, mirrored in style by a garter belt-like band at its waist and ankle-height footwear. Its thumbs are additionally bandaged in white. On its index finger's middle phalanx, there is a small red button similar to those found on stereotypical detonators. Four short spikes line the top of its back. Its shoulders, the back of its hands, belt buckle, a plate hanging in front of its crotch, both sides of its ankles and the top of its feet all bear the emblem of a skull with ears resembling its own, in varying sizes and external decoration.



I can push the switch whenever I want, then my opponent is blown to bits from the inside out.

You must be eliminated.

If I were to fight, I wouldn't lose to anyone.


Button Name Description Damage Cooldown
Q Summon/Desummon Killer Queen Will appear behind the user, if summoned before hand it will be put away N/A 2 Seconds
LMB Punch Combo Killer queen will do 2 punches ahead then a heavy chop that knocks the enemy down and back 9 - 31 6 Seconds
E Rage Barrage Killer queen jumps ahead and does 8 rapid punches before swiftly impaling anything infront of it knocking it down (once the key is pushed it wont need to be held) 2 (first hits) 27.5 (impale) 6 Seconds
R Chop Killer Queen lifts their hand up and brings it down with enough force to plant a bomb 20 7 seconds
R V2 Detonation Killer Queen clicks its finger and explodes any currently placed bombs (this will disable moves that plant bombs until used) this can hit no matter what and will do damage 30 0 Seconds
T Coin Bomb Killer queen slashes ahead and flicks a decently fast moving coin ahead that if hit will plant a bomb (THIS MOVE IS NOT HITSCAN) 5 10 Seconds
Y Destruction Combo Killer Queen will grab infront of them, if a person is caught in this they will do a heavy punch knocking them away before blowing them up. 20 11 Seconds
F Sheer Heart Attack Killer Queen points to the ground and summons sheer heart attack that will track to the closest player and explode every 7~ seconds (pushing f again will desummon it) must be within 1.5 studs to explode 30 per explosion 4 Seconds
V Bloodlust Killer queen enters a "rage" state where its hand glows purple, this will change the moveset to "Assignation Mode" pushing v again can swap back N/A 0 Seconds
B Kick Combo Killer queen slides foward and kicks anything infront of it, if a player gets hit they will get ragdolled and killer queen will proceed to front flip and kick them again (this can hit ragdolled enemies) 25 - 50 10 Seconds

Assignation Mode Moveset

Button Name Description Damage Cooldown
E Rage barrage Remains unchanged 2 (first hits) 27.5 (impale) 6 seconds
R Final Momments Killer Queen Rapidly grabs the enemy and explodes them in their hands before tossing them away 30 10 Seconds
T Landmine Killer Queen flicks a coin into the air, if a player touches ut after the coin lands it will explode 30 10 Seconds
Y Destruction Combo Remains unchanged 20 11 Seconds
F Sheer Heart Attack V2 Killer queen summons sheer heart attack, this time it will move foward. if in contact with a person it will appear on their face and use its wheels to hurt them and then explode 0.5 (every first and 3rd hit) 0.75 (every 2nd hit) 18 seconds
V Calm killer queen swaps back to its normal moveset N/A 0 Seconds
B Kick Combo Remains unchanged 25 - 50

10 Seconds


Current Skin

Removed Skins