A Bizarre World: Rewritten Wiki

Santana - Spec based on Santana, the first shown Pillar Man shown from Battle Tendency. Santana can absorb and use others and items, like bullets, to gain health and hide. Santana can be gained by using Stone Mask on Dio Vampirism (50% chance).


Santana just adds two tiny horns on the user's head, but the skins can add special hair and pants.


What is... this tool?

You primitive fool.

It seems that humans... have evolved... just a bit...


Button Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Grab Kick Santana grabs the target healing 10.5 health points, and if LMB is pressed one more time kicks it. 15 each hit 4 seconds
E High Kick Santana turns around and kicks the target on the cheek. 37.5 5 seconds
R Tackle Santana jumps towards the opponent and makes him collapse. 40 5.5 seconds
T Rib Blades Santana grabs the target with his ribs like a claws and hands and heals 30 health points. 20 from grab, 30 from bleeding 8 seconds
Y Meat Invaders Santana throws 5 pieces of his flesh at the target, which hurts him, slows him down and blurs it's vision. 6.25 each piece 12.5 seconds
F Body Invade Santana launches himself into the target's body and staying in it for a few seconds. Note: Sheer Heart Attack will deflect the move. The player himself is also teleported into place known as Santana's Room, which can be seen for a split second after leaving the body of target. 75 in total 20 seconds
H Tendrils Santana makes tendrils pop out from his back and swings them at the target's body and healing 18 health points. 22.5 in total 10.5 seconds
V Finger Bullets Santana shoots bullets out of it's fingers like a machine gun. 53 in total 12 seconds
B Absorption Santana grabs the target and starts sucking it's blood, gaining 25 health points. 50 in total 12.5 seconds
Z Leap Santana leaps forward. Less health means shorter leap. Santana is invincible durning the leap. None 12.5 seconds




  • E + R + B + T + LMB + H + Y + F: Medium
  • LMB (2 times) + E + R + B + T + LMB (2t times) + H + LMB (2 times): Medium
  • [Healing combo]: LMB (2 times) + B + T + LMB (2 times)
  • F + E + R + LMB (2 times) + B + T + LMB (2 times) + Y + V: Medium
  • V + E + R + Y + F: Easy