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Stand Arrow in player's hand

Stand Arrow - Item that gives players various stands. You can get it from the Shop for free, just like Stone Mask. Stand Arrows first appeared in Stardust Crusaders.


Stand Arrow is missing a nock, needed to fire it from a bow (this may be changed in future), has wooden brown shaft, white fletching possibly made out of feathers, and golden arrowhead. The arrowhead's shape is much more detailed than the rest of the arrow, it also has silver outline on the front.


Stand Arrows are used by players to give themselfs new stands. The Arrow have it's stand pool used to pick a new stand for player using it, but as the game is still in beta it's deactivated and every stand has the same drop chance. Stand Arrow can be used only on Standless players.

Given Abilities

Stand Arrow has an Stand Pool, which means that each stand that can be given to a player by the Arrow has specified chance of drop. The higher the tier the stand is, the harder to get it is.

Note: Game is still in demo, so the Stand Pool is disabled and every stand has the same chance to drop.

S Tier (1% chance)

A Tier (2% chance)

B Tier (4% chance)

C Tier (15% chance)

D Tier (20% chance)

E Tier (25% chance)

F Tier (33% chance)

X Tier (TBA chance)