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Star Platinum (スタープラチナ(星の白金) Sutā Purachina)

"Your receipt. You can keep the change"

Star Platinum - Is the Stand of Jotaro Kujo from Stardust Crusaders. It's main abilities are super strength and moving in The World's state of stopped time. Star Platinum can be gained by using Stand Arrow on Standless with a 2% chance (Stand Arrow Pool is disabled until the Requiem Update).


Star Platinum is a male muscular humanoid with purple skin, human face and long black hair. It disks instead of ears. It has golden lines on its torso, legs, and arms which are all connected to its golden armlets with twisted white lines on top of them and belt, which has two cyan capsules on left and right and white shawls in the front and the back. It also has red scarf on its shoulders with black gloves and shoes clad golden decors. Right above its shoes and gloves are black stripes. There is also small golden crown on it's forehead with a big light-cyan crystal or capsule on the front of it.


"Good Grief..."

"You're in the way. Get Back or punched."

"Just shut up already. I have nothing more to say to you. You're way too pathetic... I'm done wasting my breath"


Button Name Description Damage Cooldown
Star Platinum gains a new, stronger moveset and purple aura around it and its user when it loses 75% of his max health or more.
Stand Summon/Unsummon
Star Platinum appears behind it's user. If Star Platinum is already summoned it will disappear.
2 seconds
Quadruple Strike
Star Platinum punches once per mouse click, last fourth punch knocks down enemy.
10 per punch, 15 for the fourth one
5.5 seconds
Star Platinum punches it's target rapidly. Maximum barrage time is 4.3 seconds.
2.25 damage per punch, 125 in total
3 seconds
Strong Punch
Star Platinum takes a swing and punches it's target sending it back.
40 damage
5 seconds
Star Finger
Star Platinum steps in front of it's user and extends it's fingers. If Star Platinum succesfully stabs the target, it wil take a swing and hits everyone in the swing's radius dealing bonus damage.
16 damage from the stab, 16 from the swing and an average 18 from swing bleeding
8 seconds
Punch Combo
Star Platinum punches it's target, and if it succesfully hit it, the target collapses and Star Platinum punches laying target second time.
22.5 damage from first hit, 32.5 from second
7 seconds
Star Platinum grabs it's target by the head and punches it rapidly with right arm, after which it strongly punches the target and sends it back.
3 damage per barrage punch, 33 total, 17.5 from strong punch
15 seconds
Star Suck
Star Platinum sucks the target to him, paralyzing his attacks for a short moment.
15 seconds
Time Stop Movement
Star Platinum is able to move in other players' time stops for 4 seconds.
2 seconds
E (Bloodlust)
Burst Barrage
Star Platinum rapidly punches the target and makes a strong punch at the end.
2.15 damage per punch, 40 total, 25 strong punch
5.5 seconds
R (Bloodlust)
Heavy Punch
Star Platinum makes a heavy punch and sends the target back.
45 damage, 10 from bleeding
5.5 seconds
T (Bloodlust)
Heavy Kick
Star Platinum kicks the target.
32.5 damage
7.5 seconds
Y (Bloodlust)
Ruch Combo
Star Platinum punches the target after which the user steps forward and punches it himself too.
32.5 damage from SP, 27.5 from it's user
7.5 seconds
F (Bloodlust)
Heavy Beatdown
Star Platinum grabs the target, smashes it into the ground, and punch it twice before realising it.
17.5 damage each hit, 52.5 in total
15 seconds
H (Bloodlust)
Skull Shatter
Star Platinum grabs the target and makes a heavy punch to it's head, breaking the skull and causing bleeding.
40 damage from bleeding in total
10 seconds




  • H/C (to get close) + E (about 3 secs) + Y + T + R: Medium
  • R + C (to get close) + Y + F: Medium
  • [Bloodlust]: R + Y + H: Easy
  • E + R/Y/F: Easy
  • LMB (4 times) + R + Y: Easy
  • [In TS]: R + E (2 secs) + F
  • H(get the enemy close) + F + Y(get close to him again) + R: Medium