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Vampire Mask hold by a player

Stone Mask - Item giving players various specs. You can get it for free from the Shop, just like Stand Arrow. Stone Mask first appeared in Phantom Blood.


The Stone Mask has the appearance of a somewhat-masculine face, its eye holes sharp and somewhat slanted. It has a small mouth in either a neutral position or a slight smile, with full lips, and small fangs resting on the bottom lip. A ridge emerges from the bottom of the forehead, running vertically to the Mask's top, joining with another ridge extending into a spiral resting on the left of its forehead.

Given Abilities

Standless + Stone Mask --> Dio Vampirism
Dio Vampirism + Stone Mask --> Santana (50% chance)
Dio Vampirism + Stone Mask --> Kars (50% chance)
Santana + Stone Mask --> Dio Vampirism
Kars + Stone Mask --> Dio Vampirism