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Whitesnake - Stand of Enrico Pucci from Stone Ocean. It's ability is to steal other's stands and memory by ejecting physical disc out of their head. Whitesnake can be gained by using Stand Arrow with unknown chance (Stand Arrow Pool is disabled untill Requiem Update).


Whitesnake is a humanoid stand with white skin covered in lines of text saying "GΔCT". It has a little bit of black clothing looking like leather with golden spikes on it's neck and notable black crown with sort of mask on it's head.


Normal Mode

Your disc is now mine!

Don't bother... The likes of you could never serve as a proper trial for me.

No one can divide prime numbers.

Remote Mode


So... It was already done.

It's mine.


Button Name Description Damage Cooldown
Stand Summon/Unsummon
Whitesnake appears behind it's user. If it's already summoned it will disappear.
2 seconds
Whitesnake punches target, on second click kicks it in the feet and on third puches it in belly.
10 first and second hit, 15 third
5 seconds
Whitesnake barrages the target with it's fists and makes an undercut.
2.25 per hit, around 30 in total, 35 on undercut
7 seconds
Whitesnake makes a chop hitting target in left arm also ragdolling it. If Stand Disc is selected and obtained, the stand from disc will also attack without ragdolling. If Memory Disc is selected and obtained, the attack will reverse enemy's WASD controlls on hit. The move uses one disc, type depends on what's selected.
40, 30 from disc stand
5 seconds
Double Punch
Whitesnake takes a swing and punches enemy, if the attack will hit it will perform a chop ragdolling the target.
30 each hit
10 seconds
Disc Throw
If at least one Memory Disc is obtained, The user takes a swing and throws a disc, which explodes after 4 seconds. If enemy is going to be killed by this move his corpse is going to play Hallelujah. The move uses one Memory Disc.
30 from hit, 30 from explosion
12 seconds
Disc Steal
Whitesnake does exact same thing as Double Puch, this time obtaining one Stand Disc and one Memory Disc, also disabling enemy's stand for a few seconds if second attack hit.
10 per each hit
17 seconds
Disc Selection
Changes selected disc between no disc, Stand Disc and Memory Disc. The disc menu can be seen on left side of the screen. Chosen disc is highlited by green color.
Remote Mode
The user in now fully controlling Whitesnake, allowing it to walk on it's own. user turns into dummy and cannot move untill returning with Whitesnake to the dummy and pressing J again. Some of the moves change durning Remote Mode. You can use this mode to swap stands from a distance.
3 seconds
Acid Mode Toggle
Switches between normal and Acid moveset. If the icon of Whitesnake on bottom right is dark, it means that Acid Mode is off. If it's bright, Acid Mode is on.
12 per second
15 seconds
Counting Prime Numbers
The user start's to shake their hands while looking at them for 5 seconds. Durning this time an menu appears, showing 3 numbers. They can be selected by pressing R, T and Y. When one is selected, the menu will show next set of them. If player will chose a prime number, he will get damage boost resistance buff, alongside with 5% boost without pressing any numbers. Maximum amount of chosen numbers is 3. If the player gets attacked durning this move, Whitesnake will appear and punch the attacking enemy ragdolling him and ending the move earlier.
35 from the punch
20 seconds
Y (Remote Mode)
Whitesnake grabs a Glock pistol with 3 bullets. Pressing LMB will cause Whitesnake to shoot one bullet in the direction of mouse pointer. When all 3 bullets are used, Whitesnake is going to throw the Glock away.
15 each bullet, bonus 5 if headshot
12 seconds
B (Remote Mode)
Melt your Heart
Whitesnake stomps on the ground and summons 4 puddles of white acid each dealing 12 damage per second to anything touching them. The puddles last 8.5 seconds.
12 per second
15 seconds
E (Acid Mode)
Punch Stab Combo
Whitesnake punches enemy twice and then grabs it towards it's user ragdolling the target.
17.5 per first two hits, 30 for third
7.5 seconds
R (Acid Mode)
Heavy Punch
Whitesnake takes a huge swing and punches the target in the neck, covering it in acid and ragdolling it.
30 per hit, around 5 from acid
7.5 seconds
T (Acid Mode)
Chest Pierce
Whitesnake scissors the target ragdolling it.
45 per hit, around 5 from bleeding
10 seconds




  • 15.03.2021
    • Whitesnake added.
  • 21.03.2021
    • Fixed bug causing remote mode WS to fly around after being hit DD's "Arm Trap Glide" move.
    • Fixed bug letting WS to block durning "Glock" move.
    • Fixed bug causing WS skins to bug with counter.